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Stay Put Cream

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All natural Good Gear Naturals Stay Put Cream has multiple uses including- soothing dry or itchy skin in horses, also treats thrush in hooves – Central Sulcus and in deep heels. Phenomenal results with persistent Mud Fever and Rain Scald.

Stay Put Cream – Soothing

Stay Put Cream has a base of cold pressed hexane free castor oil to encourage hair regrowth. Additionally, skin toughening and antibacterial Zinc powder combines with pure essential oils. Originally developed to soothe Queensland Itch hot spots. However, Stay Put Cream has also proven to be deadly to thrush in hooves.  Not only does Stay Put Cream kill thrush, it has also been instrumental in treating persistent Mud Fever and Rain Scald cases.

Developed in Far North Queensland, our Stay Put Cream can withstand heavy tropical rain. The Zinc also protects pink skin areas from sunburn.You can expect the cream to stay on skin for 5 days minimum. For use with hooves, the cream has a thin nozzle which allows application to areas where deep thrush is present such as the central sulcus. Or, if your horse has deep heel clefts, the cream can easily be applied to these areas with ease. For treatment of Mud Fever you need to part the hair and get the cream directly onto the sores for best results.

Stay Put Cream – Natural Ingredients

Use Good Gear Naturals cream sparingly, a little goes a LONG way. The applicator nozzle allows you to apply to treatment areas with ease.

  • Zinc Oxide (non Nano) – toughens skin, antibacterial, water repelling

  • Pure Castor oil cold pressed and hexane free promotes hair regrowth

  • Lavender Essential Oil soothes irritated skin repels biting insects

  • Tea Tree Oil kills bacteria and is also anti-fungal.

  • Kunzea Essential Oil anti-inflammatory and antibacterial

*100% Natural Ingredients
*100% Australian Made

Use Good Gear Naturals Stay Put Cream sparingly, a little goes a LONG way. The applicator nozzle allows you to apply to treatment areas with ease. To remove cream from your hands after applying to your horse, lather well with soap and water.