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Hoof Clay

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All natural ingredients. Hoof Clay is an amazing product for healthy hooves. Affordable and effective it treats Thrush and Seedy Toe.

Hoof Clay

Hoof clay by Good Gear Naturals is made from Vulcanised Mineral Rich Clay Powder.  Made in Australia, Good Gear Naturals Hoof Clay is a 100% natural product. Containing naturally occurring minerals such as Magnesium, Zinc, Silica, Iron and Calcium our base clay is rich in minerals. Naturally killing yeast type bacteria, our Vulcanised Mineral Rich Clay Powder is naturally healing and extremely absorbent.

Known for its amazing healing properties is raw honey, another key ingredient of our Hoof Clay. Sourced locally from bush hives, our honey is cold extracted for maximum benefit.  Repelling moisture and killing bacteria is another key ingredient of our clay – Zinc powder.

This product cannot be sent to WA - as it contains raw honey, which is not permitted - another option is to use the Stay Put Cream

Recommended by Barefoot Trimmers

Used by numerous ACEHP hoof trimmers for hoof health issues, our Hoof Clay is also great for filling cracks and crevices in hoof walls. Plus, it is easy to apply for horse owners.

Good Gear Naturals Hoof Clay is simple to use and easy to apply. It can be smoothed, rolled, squashed or spread to stay put so that its active protective agents can allow the area to heal itself up naturally. Our clay is made by hand to ensure a quality product.